April 7, 2020

City of Toronto Food Distribution Initiative

The City’s new food distribution programs can be accessed by calling 211 or at This is being done thru the public libraries. 
April 7, 2020

Community Updates

University Health Network (UHN) has an online form people can fill out to get connected to seniors in their area. MP Ratansi said that her […]
April 5, 2020

Meeting Summary from March 31 and next steps

A core group of concerned residents including our elected Trustee Trixie Doyle met over a conference line this Tuesday pasted  to discuss how best to assist our neighbors who […]
March 31, 2020

Playgrounds are closed to prevent COVID 19 spread

March 31, 2020

COVID 19 update

Dear Residents of Don Valley East:Our community is facing difficult times, and more than ever we need to stand together in community solidarity. Throughout our WARD […]
March 30, 2020

Covid 19

September 28, 2019
Notice from the City

Sweeney Park – its going to get better!

The City of Toronto is conducting a Pop-Up Meeting seeking community input on how best to enhance the playground area at Sweeney Park Pass this on […]
September 25, 2019

Recent Correspondence with Yasmin

Date: Tue, Sep 24, 2019 at 11:25 AM Subject: Re: Heliport To: <[email protected]> Cc: Don Valley East <[email protected]>, <[email protected]>, <[email protected]> Hello Yasmin, as per our discussion […]
September 24, 2019

Playground Replaced !

The Toronto School Board has replaced the playground at Sweeney Park in August of 2019, this is great news for residents and students of Victoria Village […]